The Reigning Sound

Garage rock dos bons, só isso tenho a dizer.


Faixas do álbum:

1. Stormy Weather

2. Straight Shooter

3. You’re Not as Pretty

4. Brown Paper Sack

5. Want and See

6. I Walk by Your House

7. Time Bomb High School

8. I Don’t Believe

9. She’s Bored With You

10. Reptile Style

11. I’m Holding Out

12. I Don’t Know How to Tell You

13. Dressy

14. I’d Much Rather Be With the Boys

15. You’re So Strange

LINK – Time Bomb High School

Parece com? Compulsive Gamblers, The Deadly Snakes

Vídeo com a música Stormy Weather.

Enjoy o/


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