The Flaming Sideburns – It’s Time to Testify Brothers & Sisters! (2000)

Punk com garage rock, tem o peso exato necessário nas músicas, muito bom!


Faixas do álbum:

1. La Bruta

2. Crashing Down

3. Close To Disaster

4. Rock ‘n’ Roll Boogaloo

5. Testify

6. Out Of Our Tree

7. Jaguar Girls

8. Ungrounded Confusion

9. You Weren’t Using Your Head

10. Women

11. Sailin’ Through Cloud Nine

12. Sugar Ain’t That Sweet

13. Action Woman


LINK – It’s Time to Testify Brothers & Sisters!


Parece com? The Hellacopters, The Datsuns.


Vídeo com a música Jaguar Girls.

Vídeo com a música Testify.


Enjoy o/

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