Flat Duo Jets – Flat Duo Jets

Punk blues rockabilly, banda que influenciou muita gente, como por exemplo Jack White com o The White Stripes, vale a pena conferir.


Faixa do álbum:


1. My Life, My Love

2. Please, Please Baby

3. When My Baby Passes By

4. Madagascar [Instrumental]

5. Mill Stream

6. Baby

7. Chiquita

8. Sing, Sing, Sing

9. Wild Wild Lover

10. Tribute to Gene

11. Pink Gardenia

12. Man With the Golden Arm

13. Dreams Don’t Cost a Thing

14. Strut My Stuff


LINK – Flat Duo Jets

Parece com? Compulsive Gamblers, The Reigning Sound.


Vídeo com a música Please, Please Baby.

Vídeo com a música Sing, Sing, Sing.


Enjoy o/


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