Geordie – Hope You Like It (1973)

Antiga banda do atual vocalista do AC/DC Brian Johnson, uma mistura de hard e classic rock, muito bom!

Faixas do álbum:

1. Keep on Rockin’

2. Give You Till Monday

3. Hope You Like It

4. Don’t Do That

5. All Because of You

6. Old Time Rocker

7. Oh Lord

8. Natural Born Loser

9. Strange Man

10. Ain’t It Just Like a Woman

11. Geordie’s Lost His Liggie

12. Can You Do It

13. Electric Lady

14. Geordie Stomp

15. Black Cat Woman


LINK – Hope You Like It

Parece com? AC/DC, Free.


Vídeo com a música All Because of You.

Vídeo com a música Don’t Do That.

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