Travis – B-Sides

B-sides de uma das bandas mais famosas do britpop.

Faixas do álbum:

1. Standing On My Own

2. 20

3. 1922

4. All The Young Dudes (live Jools Holland show)

5. Baby One More Time

6. Beautiful Bird

7. Be My Baby

8. City In The Rain

9. Days of Our Lives

10. Everyday Faces

11. Good Feeling

12. Good Time Girls

13. Hazy Shades Of Gold

14. Here Comes The Sun (Live Beatles Cover)

15. High As A Kite

16. Just The Faces Change

17. Killer Queen

18. Reason

19. Ring Out The Bell

20. River

21. Rock ‘N’ (Salad) Roll

22. Slide Show (Live at the Link Cafe)

23. The Connection

24. The Urge For Going

25. The Weight

26. Unbelievers

27. Village Man

28. We Are Monkeys

29. Whenever She Comes Around

30. When I’m Feeling Blue

31. Where Is The Love

32. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah


LINK – B-Sides

Parece com? Keane, Starsailor.


Vídeo com a música Where Is The Love.

Enjoy o/

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