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Stereophonics é uma banda criada em 1992, composta originalmente por Kelly Jones (vocal, guitarra, piano); Richard Jones (baixo);Stuart Cable (bateria). Originada em Cwmaman, País de Gales, a banda faz parte do cenario britpop. Aqui disponibilizo um álbum quádruplo de b-sides e singles da banda, vale a pena conferir!

Faixas do álbum:


Primeiro álbum


1. Raymond’s Shop
2. Poppy Day
3. Carrot Cake And Wine
4. Buy Myself A Small Plane
5. Who’ll Stop The Rain (CCR Cover)
6. The Last Resort (Eagles Cover)
7. Chris Chambers
8. Home To Me
9. Tie Me Up Tie Me Down
10. Fiddlers Green (Tragically Hip Cover)
11. Sunny Afternoon (Kinks Cover)
12. Positively 4th Street (Bob Dylan Cover)
13. Something In The Way (Nirvana Cover)
14. Nice To Be Out (Demo)
15. In My Day
16. The Old Laughing Lady (Neil Young)
17. Angie (Rolling Stones Cover)
18. Mama Told Me Not To Come (with Tom Jones)
19. Call Me No.5 (Kelly Jones & Paul Weller)
20. Subtitute (with The Who)
21. Who Are You (The Who Cover)
22. Sometimes (Dolly & Kelly Jones)


Segundo álbum


1. Don’t Let Me Down (I Am Sam Soundtrack)
2. Revolution (with Jools Holland)
3. I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio (Vocals)
4. Surprise (JEEP Bonus Track)
5. Handbags & Gladrags (JEEP Single)
6. First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
7. An Audience With Mr.Nice (JEEP Single)
8. Nothing Compares 2 U (Sinead O’Connor Cover)
9. Piano For A Stripper
10. A Thousand Trees (Acoustic)
11. Looks Like Chaplin (Acoustic)
12. Pick A Part That’s New (Acoustic)
13. The Bartender & The Thief (Acoustic)
14. Summertime (Acoustic)
15. Not Up To You (Rare Acoustic 1998)
16. Lying In The Sun (Acoustic)
17. You’re The One (Welsh Rugby Anthem)
18. More Life In A Tramp’s Vest (Live)
19. Madame Helga (Live)
20. Maritim Belle Vue In Kiel (JEEP Single)
21. Postmen Do Not Great Movie Heroes Make


Terceiro álbum


1. Have A Nice Day (Live Acoustic Version)
2. Hurry Up And Wait (Live Acoustic Version)
3. Mr. Writer (Live Acoustic Version)
4. Caravan Holiday (Live Acoustic Version)
5. Don’t Let Me Down (Live)
6. Handbags And Gladrags (Jools Holland)
7. Heart Of Gold (Live Acoustic Neil Young)
8. How (Live Acoustic John Lennon Cover)
9. Local Boy In The Photograph (Live Acoustic)
10. Not Up To You (Live Acoustic)
11. She Takes Her Clothes Off (Live Acoustic)
12. I Wouldn’t Believe Your Radio (Acoustic)
13. Same Size Feet (Live Acoustic)
14. I’m Only Sleeping (K.Jones & N.Gallagher)
15. Traffic (Live)
16. A Thousand Trees (Live Belfort 1997)
17. Local Boy In The Photograph (Live)
18. Sunny Afternoon (Live Electric Version)


Quarto álbum


1. Royal Flush (Mono Demo Version)
2. Moviestar (Single – Full Length Version)
3. Since I Told You It’s Over (Single Version)
4. Lying To Myself Again (Previously Unreleased)
5. Change Changes Things (Previously Unreleased)
6. Have Wheels Will Travel (Previously Unreleased)
7. Maybe Tomorrow (Demo Version)
8. Madame Helga (Demo Version)
9. Sail Away (You Stole My Money Honey – Demo Version)
10. Since I Told You It’s Over (Demo Version)
11. Jealousy (Demo Version)
12. I Miss You Now (Demo Version)
13. Nothing Precious At All (Live Acoustic Version)
14. Madame Helga (Live Acoustic Version)
15. Maybe Tomorrow (Live Acoustic)
16. Whadd’ya Think (Ron Wood & Kelly Jones)
17. Shoeshine Boy (B-side 2001)
18. The Bartender And The Thief (Bar Version On Tour Bus)
19. I Wouldnt Believe Your Radio (Lead Vocals By Stuart Cable)



Parece com? Oasis, Travis.


Vídeo com a música Mr. Writer.

Vídeo com a música Maybe Tomorrow.

Vídeo com a música Have a Nice Day.

Enjoy o/

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