Red Hot Chili Peppers – Live in Hyde Park (2004)

Uma das primeiras bandas que gostei, o som deles é maravilhoso! Os álbuns ao vivo são fantásticos! Obrigatório pra quem gosta da banda!


Disco 1

1. “Intro”
2. “Can’t Stop”
3. “Around the World”
4. “Scar Tissue”
5. “By the Way”
6. “Fortune Faded”
7. “I Feel Love” (cover de Donna Summer)
8. “Otherside”
9. “Easily”
10. “Universally Speaking”
11. “Get On Top”
12. “Brandy” (cover de Looking Glass)
13. “Don’t Forget Me”
14. “Rolling Sly Stone”

Disco 2

1. “Throw Away Your Television”
2. “Leverage of Space”
3. “Purple Stain”
4. “The Zephyr Song”
5. “Californication”
6. “Right on Time”
7. “Parallel Universe”
8. “Drum Homage Medley”
– “Rock and Roll”
– “Good Times, Bad Times”
– “Sunday Blood Sunday”
– “We Will Rock You”
9. “Under the Bridge”
10. “Black Cross” (cover de 45 Grave)
11. “Flea’s Trumpet Treated by John”
12. “Give It Away”

Parece com: Não parece com nenhuma outra banda, Red Hot é único!

LINK – Live in Hyde Park (2004)


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