The Libertines – The Libertines (2004)

São os mais polêmicos dos anos 2000. Até hoje eu sonho com a volta deles, muito bom mesmo. Super recomendo.

Faixas do álbum:


1. Can’t Stand Me Now

2. Last Post on the Bugle

3. Don’t Be Shy

4. The Man Who Would Be King

5. Music When the Lights Go Out

6. Narcissist

7. The Ha Ha Wall

8. Arbeit Macht Frei

9. Campaign of Hate

10. What Katie Did

11. Tomblands

12. The Saga

13. Road to Ruin

14. What Became of the Likely Lads


LINK – The Libertines

Parece com? Babyshambles, Yeti, Dirty Pretty Things.


Vídeo com a música Can’t Stand Me Now.

Categoria(s): Alternative Rock, Indie Rock