The Coral – The Singles Collection (2008)

The Coral é uma banda inglesa formada em 1996, possuem 4 álbuns de estúdio gravados.A música deles mistura country e folk psicodélico com rock moderno. Senão entendeu minha descrição confira você mesmo, aqui vai uma coletânea com os melhores singles da banda, lançada em 2008.

Faixas do álbum:

Disco um

  1. “Dreaming of You”
  2. “In The Morning”
  3. “Pass It On”
  4. “Don’t Think You’re the First”
  5. “Jacqueline”
  6. “Secret Kiss”
  7. “Goodbye”
  8. “Shadows Fall”
  9. “Liezah”
  10. “Who’s Gonna Find Me”
  11. “Bill McCai”
  12. “Put the Sun Back”
  13. “Something Inside Of Me”
  14. “Being Somebody Else”

Disco dois

  1. “When All the Bird Have Flown” (Roots & Echoes outtake)
  2. “The Golden Bough” (new song)
  3. “Michael’s Song” (new song)
  4. “Cry of the City” (new song)
  5. “Everybody’s Talkin'” (live from Isle of Man)
  6. “Far from the Crowd” (live from Elevator Studios)
  7. “She’s Got A Reason” (live from Elevator Studios)
  8. “Return Her to Me” (Magic & Medicine outtake)
  9. “Monkey to the Moon” (Invisble Invasion outtake)
  10. “It Was Nothing” (Help Charity album recording)
  11. “Cobwebs” (8-track demo)
  12. “Simon Diamond” (original version)
  13. “Shadows Fall” (4 track instrumental)
  14. “Calendars and Clocks” (demo)
  15. “Seagulls” (previously unreleased track recorded in Ian’s bedroom)
  16. “Dreaming of You” (demo)
  17. “It’s In Your Hands” (demo)
  18. “Reward” (live at the Queen Liverpool)
  19. “Bye Bye Love” (live from Isle of Man)


LINK – The Singles Collection – CD1

LINK – The Singles Collection – CD2


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Vídeo com a música Who’s Gonna Find Me.

Vídeo com a música Dreaming of You.

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