The Zombies – Zombie Heaven (1997)

The Zombies (formado em 1961 em St. Albans, Inglaterra) foi uma banda britânica de rock. Guiado pelo piano rápido de Rod Argent e a melódica voz de Colin Blunstone, a banda emplacou alguns sucessos no final dos anos 60, como “She’s Not There”, “Tell Her No” e “Time Of The Season”. Embora nunca tenham alcançado o destaque de outros grupos da Invasão Britânica, o Zombies eram os favoritos de críticos musicais por seus complexos arranjos e harmonias vocais. Aqui vai uma coletânea dos caras, vale a pena conferir.

Faixas do álbum:

CD 1

1. “She’s Not There
2. “You Make Me Feel Good”
3. “Leave Me Be”
4. “Woman”
5. “Tell Her No”
6. “What More Can I Do”
7. “Road Runner”
8. “Summertime”
9. “I Can’t Make Up My Mind”
10. “The Way I Feel Inside”
11. “Work ‘n’ Play”
12. “You Really Got A Hold On Me/Bring It On Home To Me”
13. “Sticks and Stones”
14. “Can’t Nobody Love You”
15. “I Don’t Want to Know”
16. “I Remember When I Loved Her”
17. “I Got My Mojo Working”
18. “She’s Coming Home”
19. “I Must Move”
20. “I Want You Back Again”
21. “Whenever You’re Ready”
22. “I Love You”
23. “Is This the Dream”
24. “Don’t Go Away”
25. “Remember You”
26. “Just Out of Reach”
27. “Indication”
28. “How We Were Before”
29. “Gotta Get a Hold of Myself”
30. “Goin’ Out of My Head”
31. “She Does Everything For Me”

CD 2

1. “Care of Cell 44”
2. “A Rose for Emily”
3. “Maybe After He’s Gone”
4. “Beechwood Park”
5. “Brief Candles”
6. “Hung Up on a Dream”
7. “Changes”
8. “I Want Her She Wants Me”
9. “This Will Be Our Year”
10. “Butcher’s Tale (Western Front 1914)”
11. “Friends of Mine”
12. “Time of the Season”
13. “I’ll Call You Mine”
14. “Imagine the Swan”
15. “Conversation Off Floral Street”
16. “If It Don’t Work Out”
17. “Don’t Cry for Me”
18. “I Know She Will”
19. “Walking in the Sun”
20. “I’ll Keep Trying”
21. “I’ll Call You Mine”
22. “Smokey Day”
23. “She Loves the Way They Love Her”
24. “Girl Help Me”
25. “I Could Spend the Day”
26. “A Rose for Emily” (Alternate version)
27. “This Will Be Our Year” (Stereo)
28. “Time of the Season” (US radio spot)

LINK –  Zombie Heaven

Parece com? The Kinks, The Hollies.

Vídeo com a música She’s Not There.

Vídeo com a música Time of The Season.

Enjoy o/

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