The Jam – The Jam at the BBC

The Jam foi uma banda de rock britânica formada em 1976 por Bruce Foxton (baixo), Steve Brookes (guitarra), Rick Buckler (bateria) ePaul Weller (vocais). Originalmente influenciada por bandas como The BeatlesThe KinksThe Who. E, músicas semelhantes, especialmente no início, as do The Clash. Disponibilizo um álbum duplo dos caras, gravado na BBC.

Faixas do álbum:


Disc 1

  1. “In the City”
  2. “Art School”
  3. “I’ve Changed My Address”
  4. “The Modern World”
  5. “All Around the World”
  6. “London Girl”
  7. “Bricks And Mortar”
  8. “Carnaby Street”
  9. “Billy Hunt”
  10. “In The Street Today”
  11. “The Combine”
  12. “Sounds From The Street”
  13. “Don’t Tell Them You’re Sane”
  14. “The Modern World”
  15. “‘A’ Bomb In Wardour Street”
  16. “News of the World”
  17. “Here Comes The Weekend”
  18. “All Around the World”


Disc 2

  1. “Thick As Thieves”
  2. “The Eton Rifles”
  3. “Saturday’s Kids”
  4. “When You’re Young”
  5. “Absolute Beginners”
  6. “Tales From The Riverbank”
  7. “Funeral Pyre”
  8. “Sweet Soul Music”
  9. “The Gift” (Live)
  10. “Down in the Tube Station at Midnight”
  11. “Ghosts”
  12. “Absolute Beginners”
  13. “Tales From The Riverbank”
  14. “Precious”
  15. “Town Called Malice”
  16. “In The Crowd”
  17. “Circus”
  18. “Pretty Green”
  19. “Start!”
  20. “Boy About Town”


LINK – The Jam at the BBC

Parece com? Paul Weller.


Vídeo com a música Eaton Rifles.

Vídeo com a música In the City.

Enjoy o/

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