Jerry Lee Lewis – Mean Old Man (2010)

Jerry Lee Lewis (29 de setembro de 1935) é um cantor, compositor e pianista norte-americano de rock and roll, considerado um dos pioneiros do gênero. Esteve no Hall of Fame do Rock And Roll em 1986 e em 2005. Em 2004, a revista Rolling Stone colocou-o em vigésimo quarto lugar no seu ranking dos 100 melhores artistas de todos os tempos. Confiram o mais recente álbum desse mito do rock n roll, o álbum Mean Old Mean de 2010. O álbum é inteiro feito por duetos (Jerry + algum convido especial), SONZEIRA!

Faixas do álbum:


1. Mean Old Man (With Ronnie Wood)
2. Rockin’ My Life Away (With Kid Rock & Slash)
3. Dead Flowers (With Mick Jagger)
4. Middle Age Crazy (With Tim McGraw & Jon Brion)
5. You Can Have Her (With Eric Clapton & James Burton)
6. You Are My Sunshine (With Sheryl Crow & Jon Brion)
7. Hold You In My Heart (With Shelby Lynne)
8. Swinging Doors (With Merle Haggard & James Burton)
9. Roll Over Beethoven (With Ringo Starr, John Mayer & Jon Brion)
10. Sweet Virginia (With Keith Richards)
11. Railroad To Heaven (With Solomon Burke)
12. Bad Moon Rising (With John Fogerty)
13. Please Release Me (With Gillian Welch)
14. Whiskey River (With Willie Nelson)
15. I Really Don’t Want To Know (With Gillian Welch)
16. Sunday Morning Coming Down
17. Will The Circle Be Unbroken (With Mavis Staples, Robbie Robertson & Nils Lofgren)
18. Miss The Mississippi & You


LINK – Mean Old Man

Parece com? Chuck Berry.


Vídeo com a música Dead Flowers (With Mick Jagger).

Vídeo com a música You Can Have Her (With Eric Clapton & James Burton).

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