AC/DC – The Singles Collection (2009)

AC/DC é a banda mais rock n roll existente no mundo (minha opinião), e já tiveram vários posts aqui no Eu Escuto. Aqui vai uma coletânea com todos os singles lançados pelos caras até hoje. Aquele álbum para colocar tocar tomando uma cerveja com os amigos.

Faixas do álbum:


1. Can i sit next to you girl
2. Baby please dont go
3. High voltage
4. T N T
5. It’s a long way to the top
6. Jailbreak
7. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap
8. Dog eat dog
9. Whole Lotta Rosie
10. Love at first feel
11. Let there be rock
12. Rock n roll damnation
13. Girls got rhythm
14. Highway to hell
15. Touch too much
16. You shook me all night long
17. Hells bells
18. Big balls
19. Back in black
20. Rock and roll aint noise pollution
21. Let’s get it up
22. For those about to rock we salute you
23. Put the finger on you
24. Guns for hire
25. Nervous shakedown
26. Flick of the switch
27. Danger
28. Sink the pink
29. Shake your foundations
30. Who made who
31. Heatseeker
32. That’s the way i wanna rock n roll
33. Thunderstruck
34. Moneytalks
35. Are you ready
36. Big gun
37. Hard as a rock
38. Hail caesar
39. Cover you in oil
40. Dirty eyes
41. Stiff upper lip
42. Safe in new york city
43. Satellite blues
44. Rock n roll train
45. Big Jack
46. Anything goes


LINK –  The Singles Collection

Parece com? Airbourne, Jackyl.


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Enjoy o/

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