Marvin Gaye – Trouble Man (1972, reissue 2012)

Trouble Man é um álbum lançado por Marvin Gaye em 1972. É a trilha sonora de um filme de mesmo nome. Disponibilizo a versão especial de 40 anos do álbum, que é dupla, sendo que um cd é todo de bonus tracks. Vale o download!

Faixas do álbum:

Disco um (bonus tracks)
  1. Main Theme From Trouble Man (2) (Alternate Take With Strings)
  2. “T” Plays It Cool (Unedited)
  3. Poor Abbey Walsh, Part 2 (Take 1)
  4. Poor Abbey Walsh, Part 2 (Take 2)
  5. Trouble Man (Extended Version)
  6. Theme From Trouble Man (Vocal Version)
  7. “T” Stands For Trouble (Unedited Vocal Version)
  8. “T” Stands For Trouble (Alternate Version)
  9. Main Theme From Trouble Man (Vocal Version)
Disco dois (Original Film Score)
  1. Trouble Man
  2. Poor Hall
  3. “T” Plays It Cool
  4. Cadillac Interlude / Cleo’s Apartment
  5. Man Tied Up / Jimmy’s West / Conversation With Cleo
  6. Crap Game (A.K.A. The Break In) / Getting Rid Of Body / Talking To Angel
  7. Outside Police Station
  8. Bowling Alley / Parking Lot
  9. Stick Up
  10. Cleaners / Cleo
  11. Closing Jimmy’s
  12. Police Break In
  13. “T” Cleans Up / Police Station
  14. Packing Up / Jimmy Gets Worked / Saying Goodbye / “T” Breaks In / Movie Theater
  15. Car Ride / Looking For Pete
  16. Parking Garage / Elevator
  17. Penthouse
  18. Getting Pete
  19. My Name Is “T” / End Credits
  20. “T” At The Cross (film band bonus)


LINK – Trouble Man (1972, reissue 2012)


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