Jack White – The Chicago Theater (2014)

Terça Live de hoje com mais material do senhor Jack White! Trata-se de um show feito em Julho na cidade de Chicago, sons de todos os projetos que ele já fez e ainda alguns covers.

Faixas do álbum:

  1. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground (The White Stripes)
  2. Lazaretto
  3. Missing Pieces – The Big Three Killed My Baby
  4. Hotel Yorba (The White Stripes)
  5. You Know That I Know (Hank Williams cover)
  6. I Cut Like a Buffalo (The Dead Weather)
  7. The Same Boy You’ve Always Known (The White Stripes)
  8. Three Women
  9. The Rose With a Broken Neck
  10. Freedom at 21
  11. Cannon-Catfish Blues-Got My Mojo Workin’ (The White Stripes)
  12. Sixteen Saltines
  13. Astro (The White Stripes)
  14. Stones In My Passway (Robert Johnson cover) – Blunderbuss
  15. We’re Going to Be Friends (The White Stripes)
  16. Entitlement
  17. Top Yourself (The Raconteurs)
  18. Fell in Love With a Girl (The White Stripes)
  19. Icky Thump (The White Stripes)
  20. Manic Depression (The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
  21. Steady, As She Goes (The Raconteurs)
  22. Blue Orchid (The White Stripes)
  23. You Don’t Know What Love Is (The White Stripes)
  24. The Hardest Button to Button (The White Stripes)
  25. Just One Drink
  26. Ball and Biscuit – Got My Mojo Workin’ (The White Stripes)
  27. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)


LINK – The Chicago Theater – Chicago (2014)


Vídeo com a música Missing Pieces.

Vídeo com a música Blue Orchid.

Enjoy o/

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