Los Shakers – ¡Por Favor! (2000)

Coletânea da banda uruguaia Los Shakers lançada em 2000. Fortemente influenciados pelos Beatles, lançaram bons álbuns nos 60s. Vale o download!

por favor
Faixas do álbum:


1. Break it all
2. Don’t ask me Love
3. Baby yeah yeah
4. Forgive me
5. Everybody shake
6. Thinking
7. For you, for me
8. Shake in the streets
9. The longest night
10. Baby do the shake
11. What a love
12. Give me
13. Do not disturb
14. Won’t you please
15. Let me go
16. The child and me
17. Hear my words
18. Picking up troubles
19. Too late
20. Let me tell you
21. Got any money
22. Reviens ma cherie
23. Waiting
24. I hope you’ll like it 042
25. Smile again
26. Oh my friend
27. Always you
28. On a tuesday i watch channel 36
29. The shape of a rainbow
30. I remember my world
31. Bbb band
32. Higher than a tower


LINK – Por Favor!


Vídeo com a música Break it All.

Enjoy o/

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