The White Stripes – The Complete John Peel Sessions (2016)

Nesta última Terça-feira Live do Eu Escuto, começo com material sensacional da banda The White Stripes. Confere aí! The White Stripes The Complete Peel Sessions Faixas do álbum: CD1

  1. Let’s Shake Hands
  2. When I Hear My Name
  3. Jolene
  4. Death Letter
  5. Cannon
  6. Astro – Jack The Ripper
  7. Hotel Yorba
  8. I’m Finding It Hard To Be A Gentleman
  9. Screwdriver
  10. We’re Going To Be Friends
  11. You’re Pretty Good Looking
  12. Boll Weevil
  13. Hello Operator
  14. Baby Blue


  1. Lord, Send Me An Angel
  2. Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
  3. I Think I Smell A Rat
  4. Let’s Build A Home _ Goin’ Back To Memphis
  5. Little Room
  6. The Union Forever
  7. The Same Boy You’ve Always Known
  8. Look Me Over Closely
  9. Looking At You
  10. St. James Infirmary Blues
  11. Apple Blossom
  12. Do
  13. Rated X
  14. Jumble Jumble
  15. Little People

LINK – The Complete John Peel Sessions



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