Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritore – House Party at Big Jon’s (2016)

House Party at Big Jon’s é um álbum de blues lançado por Big Jon Atkinson & Bob Corritor. É um baita álbum! Confiram essa sonzeira!

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Goin’ Back to Tennessee
  2. Here Comes My Baby
  3. It Wasn’t Easy
  4. She’s My Crazy Little Baby
  5. At the Meeting (feat. Dave Riley)
  6. Mojo Hand (feat. Alabama Mike)
  7. Mojo in My Bread (feat. Tomcat Courtney)
  8. Mad About It
  9. Empty Bedroom
  10. I’m Gonna Miss You Like the Devil
  11. You Want Me to Trust You (feat. Willie Buck)
  12. Mississippi Plow (feat. Dave Riley)
  13. El Centro
  14. I’m a King Bee (feat. Willie Buck)
  15. Somebody Done Changed the Lock On My Door (feat. Alabama Mike)
  16. My Feelings Won’t Be Hurt


LINK – House Party at Big Jon’s


Enjoy o/

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