The Marcus King Band – The Marcus King Band (2016)

Segundo álbum lançado pela banda The Marcus King Band. Com certeza um dos melhores discos lançados esse ano. Baita álbum!

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Ain’t Nothin’ Wrong With That
  2. Devil’s Land
  3. Rita Is Gone
  4. Self-Hatred [feat. Derek Trucks]
  5. Jealous Man
  6. The Man You Didn’t Know
  7. Plant Your Corn Early
  8. Radio Soldier
  9. Guitar In My Hands
  10. Thespian Espionage
  11. Virginia [feat. Warren Hayes]
  12. Sorry ‘Bout Your Lover
  13. The Mystery Of Mr. Eads


LINK – The Marcus King Band



Enjoy o/

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