Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Barefoot in the Head (2017)

Barefoot in the Head é o novo álbum da banda Chris Robinson Brotherhood. Talvez essa seja a banda que mais curto nos últimos anos, tanto, que já disponibilizei muita coisa deles, segue uma lista, Magic Door (2012)Big Moon Ritual (2012)Betty’s S.F. Blends, Volume One (2013)Phosphorescent Harvest (2014), Exclusive Tracks (2015)Betty’s Blends, Vol. 2 Best from the West (2015)Anyway You Love, We Know How You Feel (2016), If You Lived Here, You Would Be Home By Now (2016) Betty’s Blends, Vol. 3; Self-Rising, Southern Blends (2017). Confere a sonzeira!

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Behold the Seer
  2. She Shares My Blanket
  3. Hark, The Herald Hermit Speaks
  4. Blonde Light of Morning
  5. Dog Eat Sun
  6. Blue Star Woman
  7. High Is Not the Top
  8. If You Had a Heart to Break
  9. Glow
  10. Good to Know


LINK – Barefoot in the Head


Enjoy o/

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