Bia Marchese – Let Me In (2017)

Let Me In é o mais recente álbum lançado pela cantora Bia Marchese. Mistura interessante de Rhythm Blues e Jazz. Baita som!

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Love Me Right
  2. I Want to Go to Heaven and Rest
  3. Knock Knock
  4. Mr Big Wheel
  5. My Good Lovin´
  6. Change Your Way of Lovin´
  7. Deanna Baby
  8. Nobody but You
  9. How Come
  10. Honey, You´re So Good to Me
  11. Are You Satisfied
  12. My Man Called Me
  13. Down in the Valley
  14. Bye Bye Baby


LINK – Let Me In


Enjoy o/

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