The Lemon Clocks – Songs From Another Time (2017)

The Lemon Clocks é uma banda sueco-americana, que faz um som power pop psicodélico. Em 2017 eles lançaram o seu mais recente disco, chamado Songs From Another Time. Sonzeira!

The Lemon Clocks

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Look Out
  2. Butterfly
  3. What Planet
  4. Mistery to Me
  5. Out Of The Grave
  6. Floating In Space
  7. On My Way
  8. What You Are Missing
  9. Do You Feel Alright
  10. Dana The Forklift Driver Girl
  11. It’s Lemon Time
  12. The World Is Round
  13.  Just A Song
  14. Spektograph
  15. Inspector #65
  16. When You Close Your Eyes
  17. Ready, Steady, Go!
  18. Happy Helmut
  19. Together


LINK – Songs From Another Time


Enjoy o/

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