The Suffers – Everything Here (2018)

Everything Here é o mais recente álbum da banda soul americana The Suffers. Baita som!

The Suffers

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Intro (A Headnod To Houston)[feat. Paul Wall]
  2. I Think I Love You
  3. Do Whatever
  4. The One About Sace
  5. All I Want To Do
  6. Sure To Remain
  7. Charlotte Intermission
  8. After The Storm (feat. Lyle Divinsky)
  9. What You Said
  10. A Word From Our Mammas
  11. Mammas
  12. Bernard’s Interlude (feat. Bun B)
  13. Everything Here
  14. You Only Call
  15. Won’t Be Here Tomorrow


LINK – Everything Here


Enjoy o/

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