The Molochs – Flowers In The Spring (2018)

The Molochs é uma banda de indie rock americana. Em 2018 eles lançaram o álbum Flowers In The Spring. Vale conferir!

The Molochs

Faixas do álbum:


  1. To Kick In A Lover’s Door
  2. I Wanna Say To You
  3. A Little Glimpse Of Death
  4. Shadow Of A Girl
  5. Flowers In The Spring
  6. Pages Of Your Journal
  7. First Time I Saw You
  8. And She’s Sleeping Now
  9. Too Lost In Love
  10. Wade In The Water
  11. (She Glows)
  12. All The Things That Happen To Me


LINK – Flowers In The Spring


Enjoy o/

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