Andi’s Blues Orchester – Old Fashioned Daddy (2018)

Andi’s Blues Orchester é uma banda de  Delta Blues/Boogie alemã. Em 2018 ele lançaram o disco Old Fashioned Daddy. Baita som!

Andi’s Blues Orchester

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Let’s Put Some Wood In The Stove
  2. Keep Your Hand Off Her
  3. Weedsmokers Dream
  4. Crow Jane
  5. Let’s Get Drunk Again
  6. Strawhouse Blues
  7. I’m An Old Fashioned Daddy
  8. Temptation Rag
  9. Windmill Blues
  10. He’s In The Jailhouse Now
  11. Some Of These Days
  12. Catfish Blues
  13. Walking Stick
  14. Jesus In The Mainline
  15. He Calls That Religion


LINK – Old Fashioned Daddy


Enjoy o/

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