Dave Ferra – Don’t Ever Say Goodbye (2018)

Dave Ferra é um bluesman britânico. Em 2018 o cara lançou o disco Don’t Ever Say Goodbye. Sonzeira!

Dave Ferra

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Don’t Ever Say Goodbye
  2. Two Heads Are Better Than One
  3. Self Satisfied Blues
  4. You Go Your Way
  5. Good Shoes Good Places
  6. Percolating Mama
  7. I’ve Heard It All Before
  8. Whiskey Drinking
  9. Barry’s Blues Barn Rag
  10. Until What You Got Is Gone
  11. I’d Rather Be Lonesome
  12. Tailor Made Woman
  13. Kevin And Sharon Beale


LINK – Don’t Ever Say Goodbye


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