The Betterdays – Backlash (2018)

The Betterdays é uma banda britânica de rock que mantém na ativa desde os 60s. Em 2018 lançaram mais um disco, chamado Backlash. Vale conferir!

The Betterdays

Faixas do álbum:


  1. Cracking Up
  2. I Can Tell
  3. Upside Your Head
  4. Raining In My Heart
  5. Route 66
  6. Working Man
  7. Don’t Start Me To Talking
  8. I Wish You Would
  9. Don’t Lie To Me
  10. Howling For My Baby
  11. Baby What You Want Me To Do
  12. Boom Boom
  13. Help Me
  14. High Heel Sneakers
  15. Pretty Thing
  16. Two Fifty Three
  17. Hello Josephine
  18. Walking The Boogie
  19. Just A Little Bit
  20. Treat Her Right
  21. It’s A Sin
  22. Too Much Monkey Business
  23. Too Poor To Die
  24. Road Runner


LINK – Backlash


Enjoy o/

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