Dasta & The Smokin’ Snakes – Get Wild or Get Gone (2019)

Dasta & The Smokin’ Snakes é uma banda potiguar de rockabilly. Em 2019 eles lançaram o disco Get Wild or Get Gone. Confere o som!

Dasta & The Smokin’ Snakes

Faixas do álbum:

  1. You Hurt Me So
  2. Miss Tay
  3. If I Told You
  4. Bouquet of Roses
  5. Ain’t Gonna Beg You No More
  6. King of the Bop
  7. Turn My Back on You
  8. In a Town
  9. On the Hardwood Floor
  10. How Long Will It Take
  11. Where There’s a Will
  12. Okie’s in the Pokie
  13. Rockin’ Wild
  14. Get Wild or Get Gone


LINK – Get Wild or Get Gone


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