The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Freedom Tower No Wave Dance Party (2015)

Freedom Tower No Wave Dance Party é o novo trabalho de The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Rock direto na cara, vale conferir!

jon spencer
Faixas do álbum:


  1. Funeral
  2. Wax Dummy
  3. Do the Get Down
  4. Betty vs the NYPD
  5. White Jesus
  6. Born Bad
  7. Down and Out
  8. Crossroad Hop
  9. The Ballad of Joe Buck
  10. Dial Up Doll
  11. Bellevue Baby
  12. Tales of Old New York The Rock Box
  13. Cooking for Television


LINK – Freedom Tower No Wave Dance Party


Vídeo com a música Do the Get Down.

Vídeo com a música Betty vs the NYPD.

Enjoy o/

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