The Deep Six – It’s Happening (2019)

It’s Happening é o mais recente disco da banda britânica The Deep Six. Eles fazem um som que une garage, surf e mod rock. Confere o som!

The Deep Six

Faixas do álbum:

  1. Like Emily
  2. Wishing That You Were Here
  3. I’m Only Dreaming
  4. Helpful
  5. I’ll Be Back Someday
  6. Everything Grows
  7. Laughing All the Way
  8. It’s Happening
  9. See You in July
  10. You’re My Woman
  11. Round and Round
  12. You Only Know It’s Over
  13. Black Country Way
  14. That’s the End


LINK – It’s Happening


Enjoy o/

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