Tower of Power – Step Up (2020)

Step Up é o novo álbum da clássica banda Tower of Power. O grupo é velho conhecido daqui do site, já disponibilizei os discos Soul Side Of Town (2018), Great American Soulbook (2009),  Havin’ Fun (2003), Tower of Power (1973) e Bump City (1972). Confere a sonzeira!

Tower of Power

Faixas do álbum:

  1. East Bay! All the Way!
  2. Step Up
  3. The Story of You and I
  4. Who Would Have Thought
  5. Addicted to You
  6. Look in My Eyes
  7. You da One
  8. Sleeping with You Baby
  9. If It’s Tea Give Me Coffee
  10. Beyond My Wildest Dreams
  11. Any Excuse Will Do
  12. If You Wanna Be a Winner
  13. Let’s Celebrate Our Love
  14. East Bay! Oaktown All the Way!


LINK – Step Up


Enjoy o/

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